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19 Jan. 22

Tips to Customize Your Loft Decorations

Attic rooms always have their own aesthetic; especially where the roof slope is included in the style of the room. Pitched roofs give the room an unusual character. However, attic room decoration is also one of the most difficult types of decoration because the roof slope, when combined with the right design, creates conditions that make it difficult to implement standard decoration ideas, although it is quite attractive. In addition, of course, not all attic rooms or apartments have the same height. Some lofts are designed with a roof slope added above a normal room height.

In these cases, of course, attic room decoration becomes easier and more enjoyable. However, if the roof slope is included in the standard room height, then the ceiling height of some parts of the room may also be insufficient, and in this case it is very difficult to come up with a design that is both functional and aesthetic. If you want to decorate an attic room, it will make your job much easier to take a look at the similar designs applied by professional interior architects and decorators and learn the tricks. Here, in this article, we have compiled the highlights of our pages among the attic room designs, which have beautiful and different interior architectural features, and the tricks to be considered when decorating the attic room.

1- Measure everything first!

Attic apartments are the concepts that are often found in apartments, especially in crowded big cities such as Ealing, London. This type of apartment is sometimes located on a single floor, sometimes on the upper floor of a duplex apartment. Either way, the first thing you need to do to decorate loft rooms is to measure everywhere first. Measure and write down all wall lengths and widths without leaving any points out. You have to make these measurements carefully, especially because of the differences created by pitched roofs. Then think about how you can design the room according to these dimensions. Make a comparison by measuring the furniture you plan to place in the room. If you are going to buy new furniture, be sure to pay attention to the dimensions.

2- Take the range of motion into account

Of course, when considering the dimensions, you should not only consider whether the furniture fits in a corner, but also the range of motion. For example, if you place a sofa or armchair where the ceiling is low, it will be difficult for those sitting there to get up, and they will have to protect their heads while getting up and sitting. Such things also reduce the level of comfort inside the living space in question. Therefore, you should act by taking into account the usage areas of the furniture you place. Of course, if you are planning a living room, the best would be to place the sitting group in the high-ceilinged part of this space.

3- Attic bedroom designs

Attic rooms are not only found in apartments, of course. In fact, loft room ideas can create very useful living spaces in detached houses. In some detached houses and villa designs, lofts are already designed as a room. However, if we are talking about an older style interior design, then the attic may have been designed and built to serve as a warehouse as an attic. If we are talking about a detached house that already has attic rooms, there are probably social areas on other floors and it would be most useful to consider the attic rooms as private bedrooms. Attic bedrooms open the door to both areas where the disadvantages of the roof slope can be covered more easily, and to a very romantic and stylish decoration with the aesthetics of the slope.

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4- Converting the attic into a living space

People prefer to have an annex built in the garden when the need for more room and space arises, especially when it comes to detached houses. However, converting the attic into a room can actually be much more effortless, inexpensive and convenient. But of course, if you want to transform an attic used as an attic storage area into a daily living space, there are some points you need to pay attention to.

5- Transactions that require modification

First you have to evaluate the obstacles in the roof to convert an attic into a usable room. Apart from obvious obstacles such as the water tank, solar energy or chimney outlet, one of the defining features for attic room designs will be the ceiling height. The area with the highest ceiling must be longer than 2 meters, otherwise it will not be possible to create a useful room. In addition, the angle of the slope is also very decisive for the use of the room. If there is a very steep slope, it may be necessary to change the design of the roof as this will limit the usable space.

6- Floor and insulation

Of course, there will be many different changes and renovations that you will have to make when converting the attic into an attic room. For example, if the floor in the attic is not strong enough, floor reinforcement work may be required. In addition to this, of course, floor coverings also need to be renewed in accordance with daily use. The removal of electricity, lighting and heating installations to the attic rooms is another major renovation process. Of course, additional insulation can be made on this floor in order to eliminate the effect of cold and heat coming from the roof.